Happy New Year! What better way to help your clients ring in the new year than by dropping off a small appreciation gift?

At Buffini & Company, we call these Pop-By items — these small, useful gifts are a great way to show your clients some gratitude while also keeping yourself at the top of their minds when it comes to all things real estate. Simply leave the item on the doorstep and send a photo to your client letting them know you dropped by. Feel free to follow up the visit with a quick check-in call!

Get started with these 10 real estate pop-by ideas to help your clients kick off the first quarter!

  1. New Year’s Bubbly — Pop by your favorite clients with a bottle of champagne or sparkling cider (full size or mini) to say “cheers” to a prosperous new year!
  2. Windshield Wiper Fluid — Let your clients know you’re there to help them see clearly on the road as well as in real estate!
  3. Ice Scraper — Because no one wants to get caught without one of these after a snow storm.
  4. Hand Warmers — In colder climates, these are extremely useful for winter walks or chilly days spent outdoors.
  5. Hot Chocolate or Tea — Who doesn’t love a warm cup of cocoa or tea on a cold day?
  6. Hand Lotion — Keep skin feeling refreshed, especially in icy and dry winter weather.
  7. Tissues — Simple, affordable and great to have on hand for colds or runny noses.
  8. Hand Sanitizer — Always a useful item these days! Consider giving hand sanitizer holders as well to attach to backpacks or purses.
  9. Candy or Chocolates — Show your clients some love on Valentine’s Day by delivering some sweet treats!
  10. Superbowl Kit — Nacho supplies, mixes for chip dips or even team swag make great Pop-By gifts to help football fans in your database celebrate the Superbowl.

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