With families continuing to spend more time at home it’s easy to run out of new and exciting activities to fill your days. If you’re already working (and schooling) from home, it may seem like you are spending a lot of time together, and you are! However, it’s important to carve out quality family time so that you can blow off steam and have fun together.

Finding a shared hobby is a great way to connect and to learn something new. Whether you plan a monthly, weekly or daily activity, consider picking your new passion together. Here are some ideas to get you started.


The majority of plants we rely on for food are pollinated by bees and, the number of bees is declining due to loss of habitat, limited food supply and exposure to pesticides. Maybe you’re already doing your part by planting flowers and plants to attract and boost the population and maybe, you’re ready to take the next step and foster a hive.

Owning bees provides you with honey and other health-boosting by-products. It can also be a fun, valuable activity that your family can do together.

Before you get started, be sure that you read these considerations and confirm that beekeeping is approved where you live. Then, you’re ready to explore your local library for resources and get the supplies you need to get started.


Although we love our homes and all the comforts of modern life, spending too much time indoors or behind the wheel is enough to make anyone frustrated. Get in touch with your wild side while getting the whole family involved in planning camping trips.

Be sure each family member does their part to create the fun by making a “to-do” list that gives everyone something to do. Before you go, divvy up menu planning and shopping, gear selection and packing the car. Once you have arrived, delegate cooking, cleaning up, hauling water, gathering firewood or selecting a hike.

Camping is a great reason to explore your local parks or to take a road trip. Whether you choose to hike, fish, birdwatch or simply relax in nature, read these tips to plan a successful trip.


With restaurants operating at limited capacity, you might find yourself making a lot more meals at home. This is the perfect opportunity to let your children participate and get the whole family cooking together.

There is a lot that goes into a great meal including menu planning, shopping, food prep, cooking, setting the table and cleaning up. This means that there is something for everyone to do. Most children will love to be hands-on with you in the kitchen and many teens will love the opportunity to go grocery shopping.

Cooking together is a fun way to bond and a productive hobby. Check out this list of simple recipes that are kid-friendly and delicious to eat.


Healthy habits matter and daily physical activity will help to keep you and yours calm and motivated. Exercise is a proven way to de-stress and to boost your immune system. Whether you’re new to fitness or pining to go back to your gym, working out together can make any family stronger.

There is no shortage of streaming content available so the best place to start is with a goal. Do you want to train for a virtual 5K or epic hike? Learn a new dance? Get strong and centered through yoga?

Fitness is one of those fun hobbies that is rewarding and takes time to master. Plus, once you set a goal, you can progress together and reflect on your fitness journey as a family.

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