Just because you’re staying home doesn’t mean you have to miss out on celebrating birthdays, graduations, anniversaries and other major milestones! There are ways to have fun without putting your health or anyone else’s health at risk. Here are a few ideas for responsible, socially distant celebrations this summer.

Drive Up Parades

These are a great way to make your grad, birthday kid, mom-to-be, or whoever you’re celebrating feel special without leaving the front porch! Invite friends to drive by your home with signs and decorations. They can honk, wave and cheer for whoever is being celebrated. If they want to bring gifts, encourage them to safely leave them in your mailbox or send things like gift cards or money digitally. This one is even more fun when it’s a surprise, so try to keep it on the down-low until the big day.

A Front Yard Party 

Invite a few close friends to pull up a lawn chair and hang out in front of your home for your celebration. Make sure there’s enough space for all participants to sit at a safe social distance. Encourage attendees to bring their own snacks and drinks. Throw on some music and have some fun relaxing in the sunshine for a bit!

Outdoor Picnics 

If your municipality has reopened parks or beaches, take a trip with your household for some outdoor fun. Pack your favorite foods and treats to eat on a picnic blanket on the sand or in the grass. Consider inviting some family friends to set up on their own blankets around you. You’ll get some fresh air as a way to celebrate a great day!

Virtual Hangouts

Host a party online! Pick a theme, choose some games to play via video chat, and get started. Perhaps everyone makes their own ice cream sundae or dresses up as their favorite movie character. Jackbox Games is a site that offers “party packs,” which are games the whole family can play even when they’re not in the same room. This is a great way to bring the party without getting face-to-face.

Remember, it’s important to follow local guidelines* before getting out and about for your celebration. Still, there are ways to throw a party for birthdays, graduations, baby showers and anything else you’d like to celebrate while still social distancing. Cheers!

*The information provided here is general in nature and may not pertain to the specific situation in your geographic location or to your specific situation. Please consult all relevant government agencies with jurisdiction over your area as well as, where appropriate, your professional advisors, including health care professionals, to enable you to make an independent determination of any specific course of conduct that you should implement.

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