It’s barbeque season! As you gather family and friends for some fun in the sun, don’t forget to include some excellent entertainment. You want to go for activities that get everybody out of their Adirondack chairs for some friendly competition.

Try these five family-friendly games to make your next barbeque a hit!

Water Balloon Toss — Purchase packs of small balloons at the dollar store, and fill them up in the sink or with a hose. Partner guests up and have them toss the wobbly balloons back and forth, placing ones they catch into a large bucket. Whoever has the most balloons in their bucket at the end wins the round! Switch partners every round. Keep the game in a designated area for easier cleanup of debris.

Scavenger Hunt — Create a scavenger hunt with items you’d find around the yard or neighborhood. Separate into teams and begin the search! Your list could contain items like hotdogs or hamburgers, or activities like “do five jumping jacks at the oak tree on Maple Street.” Participants can text videos or photos of items/activities, or drop them in a Google Drive folder especially for the occasion.

Cornhole Tournament — This classic game is a fan favorite! Pick up a cornhole set at your local Target, Costco, etc. Create a bracket for your tournament. Guests will verse each other throughout the barbeque to find the champion. Offer a Starbucks gift card or other fun and easy prize for the winner!

Large Connect Four — This oversized kid’s game can also be purchased online or at a local Target. This is a great one to have out and about for quick rounds throughout the party. Consider staging this one as a tournament as well!

S’mores Taste Test — A great way to wrap up the party! When the sun goes down and the fire pit comes out, set up a s’mores taste test. Offer supplies like chocolate, Reese’s Cups, cookies, graham crackers, flavored marshmallows, etc. Let guests make their own concoctions for a panel of “judges” to taste. Choose the winning treat and make “s’more” for the whole family!

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