As a broker, owner or manager leading a real estate training program in the office, you want to ensure agents are getting everything they can out of the course. A healthy real estate training infrastructure demonstrates your brokerage’s commitment to helping agents succeed, which will shine through in recruitment and retention efforts. Check out these tips for guiding your agents toward success each time they take a real estate training program!

Choose the Right Real Estate Training Program

Identify which core skills you’d like your agents to master, then search for courses that cater to those. If the agents on your team were just licensed, you’ll want a real estate training program for new agents to establish a business foundation. On the other hand, if your agents are more experienced, you’ll want to find an advanced real estate training course that helps them level up. Compare different real estate training courses to ensure you select the perfect one.

Be Consistent

A consistent learning schedule will keep everyone on the same page. Even if your team is working remotely, choose a specific day by which agents should watch the module of that week. Discuss the content one or two days later over a regularly scheduled meeting. Establishing this consistency helps your agents get into a routine, making them more likely to retain what’s being learned.

Implement Accountability Structures

Build in ways to hold agents accountable for engaging with and participating in the course. Encourage participants to select an accountability partner at the start of the course to keep both of them on track and completing their weekly activities.

Hold Individual Check-in Meetings

As the team leader, set up individual check in meetings with your agents to get an update on their progress and go over any questions they may have. Life is busy, so a little accountability from the team leader will make sure no agent falls behind!

Know The Content Inside and Out

The more you get to know the content of the real estate training program you’re offering, the more your agents will be able to connect with it, since they can rely on you for guidance throughout. Consider opting for a program that requires a leadership certification — one that shows you the ropes of the course before you offer it to the brokerage, so you don’t have to learn as you go.

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