Recruitment and retention go hand-in-hand, so you’ll need to invest in your best before you can expand your team. When your real estate agents feel valued, they are going to put their best foot forward and invite new, high-quality recruits to join them — making your job as a recruiter a whole lot easier! This resource offers five ways to share value with your agents every single month, so you can create a workplace that agents are excited to join.

One of the best ways to attract quality recruits and keep your office competitive is by providing real estate training courses. Buffini & Company has an entire real estate training suite designed to help leaders train agents at all points of their career, whether they are new recruits or a seasoned agents.

Buffini Certification allows real estate brokers, owners and managers to lead these training programs in their offices. Sign up to get Buffini Certified today to bring even more value to your team!

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