“Home for the holidays” is going to take on a new meaning this year. But even though we won’t be going to or hosting any big holiday bashes this year, there are still ways to keep the spirit alive at home!

Here are a few ways to transform your living space into a fun and festive winter wonderland this season to make celebrating at home even more magical.

Change Up Your Decor — Turn up the coziness inside your home with items like flannel linens, festive throw pillows, holiday tablecloths etc. For an extra touch, consider breaking out the seasonal dishware to keep your “holiday dinner table” set for the entire month!

Homemade Holiday Crafts — Get the family together for some holiday crafting. You might create centerpieces out of pinecones and seasonal flowers, custom candle holders, pom-pom reindeers or ornaments. Check out Pinterest and other crafting blogs for inspiration. When complete, place them around the house to show off the creations!

String Up the Lights — You don’t have to transform your house into the North Pole, but a few outdoor strands of lights can go a long way! Consider placing small electronic candles in the windows and on the porch — anything to spread holiday cheer. Set the lights on a timer to make it easier to control.

Introduce Warm Lighting — Warm light goes a long way when trying to make a space feel cozy for the holidays. Prioritize candle light — perhaps you go with one that smells like balsam or fresh-baked cookies to set the mood. Consider swapping bright white bulbs with warmer lighting for a comfy glow.

Create a Cozy Outdoor Space — Even in cold weather, consider creating a cozy outdoor gathering space for the family. You can pick up a mid-range, affordable fire pit at your local home improvement store, and a few outdoor chairs to go with it. Set up the chairs around the fireplace and bring out plenty of fluffy blankets. Roast s’mores or share some hot cocoa with your family. Taking the fun outdoors is also a safe way to bring a few friends over to join the fun.

Decorating your home and creating cozy spaces is a great way to make being “home for the holidays” a lot more fun this year!

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