School’s almost out, which means summer is right around the corner! With most of last summer spent at home, many families are eager to get out and about and enjoy popular summer activities once again.

Here are six ideas to help you and your family kick off summer right!

  1. Road Trip. You don’t have to go far! Pick a destination just a few hours away, whether it’s a national or state park or a nearby town you’ve always wanted to visit. Hop in the car, pack some snacks, create a fun driving playlist and hit the road! Take the scenic route for some great stops along the way.
  1. Fun in the Sun. Whether you’re on the coast or inland, bring the family to the nearest lake or beach and post up for the day with beach chairs and umbrellas. Bring a picnic lunch, drinks and snacks, as well as any games or activities you want to play while you’re there. Don’t forget a speaker for some tunes! Invite some friends to drop by and help you and your family kick off summer right.
  1. Visit a Local Museum. School may be out for the summer, but the learning doesn’t have to stop! If you need something to do with your kids on the weekdays, visit a local museum. Many cities have science centers, natural history museums and historical societies that offer dynamic exhibits that keep children (and adults) of all ages entertained.
  1. Tour de City. Break out the bicycles and take a family bike ride around the neighborhood or nearby park. This is a great way to enjoy the warmer weather and stay active as a family. If there’s a bike path in your neighborhood, tackle it in sections, and make it a summer goal to finish the entire path!
  1. Take a Hike. Determine the challenge your family can handle and set out on a hiking adventure. Consider ones with waterfalls or lakes at the end for a chance to cool off! Take advantage of the warmer weather, but don’t forget to pack plenty of water.
  1. Take Me Out to the Ball Game. If it’s safe to do so and available in your area, attend a baseball game with the family! Nothing says summer like a ballpark hotdog and a chorus of “take me out to the ball game.” Not near a major league stadium? You might be in range of a minor league team. Check out the options in your area!

Remember to follow health and safety guidelines in your area for the best possible experience wherever you go. Enjoy your summer!

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