Personal branding is crucial for any real estate agent. How you brand yourself will affect how your clients perceive you. Your brand comprises the traits with which they associate with you — the qualities that they point out when they refer you to their friends and family.

So what would current clients say about your work?

In order to guarantee quality referrals, you must be able to guarantee quality service! That means developing exceptional skills, and folding these into your brand. When your brand becomes synonymous with a high level of skill, clients will begin referring you for those skills.

“You have to work with Jody. She is the best negotiator I have ever met!”

“Rob is so organized. He kept track of every single detail in our transaction, so I didn’t have to worry about a thing. You definitely need to call him to list your home.”

“When you buy your first home, you need to call Tina. She walked us through the process step-by-step, and had clear, excellent answers to all of our questions.”

You get the picture! It’s your skills that ultimately pay the bills, so connect skills to your brand and you will increase your likelihood of referrals — and increase your profits! Here’s how:

Invest in Training — It goes without saying that a commitment to real estate training is a commitment to better skills. Yet so many people come up with excuses not to dive into training. Make time in your schedule to work on yourself by taking an online real estate training program that goes over the fundamentals of excellent business strategy.

Be Consistent — You must demonstrate your exceptional skills across the board, not just with a select few clients, or at the beginning of a transaction. This consistency is what ultimately builds skills into your brand. Make sure you are on it before, during and after a deal. Make yourself a resource to your clients after the transaction to answer their real estate questions. During the sale, always “show up” and put your most skilled foot forward.

Communicate Effectively — While actions speak louder than words, it is always beneficial to tell your new clients what to expect right away. They came to you for a reason — whether it was your sharp negotiation, your organization or attention to detail, these clients have expectations about your level of skill. When working with new clients, set up a meeting to discuss your plan of action, and be sure to address all the areas where you will use your skills to make this process as smooth as possible.

Ready to make great skills a part of your brand today? Get started with The Pathway to Mastery®—Essentials, a real estate training program from Buffini & Company that takes a deep dive into marketing, lead generation and skill development for agents. Start the course today and watch your skills — and your brand — shape a thriving business for years to come.

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