When a brand becomes a generic term, it means its product has universal appeal and is the ‘go-to’ in its field. If you end up asking for a brand name instead of the actual item, that’s a sign of a powerful brand. When it comes to your business, your aim is to be the name that’s automatically associated with exceptional customer service. Here are some steps you can take to tie your brand to outstanding service and be universally known as an agent that clients and their referrals can count on:  

Build Your Database

Your database isn’t just a list of names, phone numbers and addresses; it’s a treasure chest of relationships you need to nurture. Working by Referral means you must always have a consistent level of contact with, and care for, the people in your database so that you get a steady stream of repeat and referred clients. Don’t allow your flow of leads to become stagnant; keep adding people! Getting referrals from people who know you, know what you do and know that they can trust you, means that prospective clients will recognize your value. To really expand the reach of your brand, mine your sphere of influence to look for untapped sources of leads and build relationships with people who will continue to send you referrals and become megaphones for you in the marketplace. You can find leads everywhere, from family, friends and neighbors to sports, social, community and business groups.

Explain How You Work

When you get a new lead, don’t be shy about the fact that you use the working by referral system. Explain that you are deeply committed and passionate about always going the extra mile and make the connection between your brand and outstanding customer service clear from the beginning. The joy of working by referral means that, as well as getting high-quality leads and a steady income, you also get to work with great people! Because new clients have been referred to you, there is already a level of trust there. They are happy to pay for the value you provide, they quickly become loyal and they will go on to refer you to their own circle.

Turn Leads into Advocates

The more you demonstrate the high level of care you provide, the more your clients will associate your brand with exceptional service. When you can prove that you’re reliable, trustworthy and excellent in your field, customers become advocates for you in the marketplace, eager to refer your business because of the happy experience they have had with you. By enthusiastically referring you, they will increase the reach of your brand, helping you to grow your business and become a household name synonymous with exemplary service.

A strong brand tied to great service is the perfect formula for success as a real estate agent. For more tips on becoming a brand powerhouse in real estate, check out The Pathway to Mastery®, a phenomenal real estate training program from Buffini & Company that’s designed to take your business to the next level.

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