When business is slow and agents are working remote, keeping your real estate team motivated and engaged becomes a huge challenge for brokers, owners and managers. Because you aren’t seeing each other in person regularly, you miss out on chances to connect with those small interactions that often strengthen a team.

Swapping stories about how nuts your households have become under state stay-at-home orders can make for some pretty exciting small talk these days. However, if you’re looking to engage with your agents on a deeper level, here are some ways to foster compelling conversations on your calls or emails.

  • Share a Weekly Podcast: Choose a leading industry podcast like The Brian Buffini Show to provide your agents with content on leadership, economics, sales techniques and more. Listen to the episode before you send, and come up with a few takeaways or questions you have. When you send it to your agents, explain that you found this interesting and relevant to their business, and you were curious about their thoughts. It’s not a homework assignment, but rather, a way to build the team and synergize!
  • Recommend a Motivational or Business Book: Read something interesting lately? Share it with your team! Again, provide some takeaways you had from the content. Encourage your team to read the book as well, then host a casual video meeting to discuss the content. Consider making this a regular activity — like an office book club of sorts. Great reads to start with include “The Emigrant Edge” by Brian Buffini, “The Automatic Millionaire” by David Bach, and “The Greatest Salesman in the World” by Og Mandino.
  • Take a Training Course Together: Lead an online real estate training course in your office and train your agents without getting face-to-face. The Pathway to Mastery™—Essentials is a great place to start. This real estate training program from Buffini & Company helps your team master the fundamentals of great business, so they are prepared to succeed in any market. Make sure to connect regularly to discuss the weekly modules!
  • Work on Real Estate Lead Generation: Link up with your agents via video conferencing and practice real estate lead generation activities like dialogues and personal note writing. If business is on the slow side right now, this is the perfect time to master these strategies so that your team is ready when things pick back up. Go over how they can ask clients for referrals, and what to write in a check-in note. While these activities seem minor, they can often intimidate newer agents who don’t know what to say. Take the time to work through these challenges!

There are plenty of ways to keep the conversation going with your agents so that they remain engaged and connected with the team’s mission. For more ways to support your team, look into leading Buffini & Company’s latest real estate training program, The Pathway to Mastery—Essentials, in your office.

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