Real Estate Agent
Portland, OR
Member Since 2010

In 2008 Ben Andrews was struggling to keep his real estate business and his confidence afloat during the Great Recession.

“My source of business – leads – dried up seemingly overnight,” he said. “With minimal leads coming in I began to appear desperate to my clients and felt like a loser at home because I wasn’t able to provide any sense of security and was all in all a miserable person to be around.”

But then his decision to work with Buffini & Company gave him the tools and structure that he needed.

“Referral Maker® PRO was a lifesaver for me. Having an athletic background the CRM became a training plan as it provided me with short-, mid- and long-term goals,” Ben says. “Referral Maker laid out exactly what I needed to do each day with the number of calls, notes and pop-bys. With consistency on my end Referral Maker allowed me to predict when and where my business was coming from.”

The results have been truly amazing.

In 2010 Ben and his wife had 11 transactions with an average sales price of $354,245. In 2021 they had 72 transactions with an average sales price of $668,811. Their sales increased from $28,900 to $850,000. They now only work 30 hours a week and take vacations whenever they want.

Ben’s coach Beverly Cairns notes that his attitude is a key to his success.

“Ben is a ‘get it done’ type of guy and client,” she said. “He enjoys challenges and obstacles. He shines in them and he does it with a sense of connection and humor.”

“Understand that Rome wasn’t built overnight. You have to be consistent with your business and that the foundation you build is all predicated on the daily activities. Every. Single. Day.,” Ben stresses.

Results from 2010 to 2021

Closed 61 more sales
Net income increased by 2,841%
Takes vacations when he wants and reduced work week by 50%