Sticking to new years’ resolutions is tough, even for grown-ups. As we work on ourselves, we can also help our kids cultivate a mindset of personal growth and achievement by teaching them how to be goal-getters from a young age.

While that can feel like a difficult task right now, goal-setting is a valuable skill that your kids will carry with them for years to come, having a huge impact on their accomplishments in school, and eventually, in adulthood.

New years’ resolutions are a great introduction to goal-setting for kids, because chances are they are already talking about them in school. As a parent, you can help guide your kids to get excited about their resolutions so they stay on the right track all year long — here are some tips.

Host a Family Goal-Storming Session

Try not to make this feel too forced — your kids won’t be as interested if goal-setting becomes a boring chore. Instead, choose a night to make a fun family dinner or bake a dessert, then use the time at the table to discuss goals and resolutions for the new year. You can break out some pen and paper and start brainstorming things that each kid wants to achieve. Make sure you participate as well so your kids understand that you’re all in it together.

Create Vision Boards

This is a fun one for both adults and kids who love to craft! Once your kids have an idea of a new year’s resolution that excites them, cut out pictures and images from magazines and glue them to a small poster board. Hang the vision board in their room or near their at-home learning space so they can keep their desired achievements front and center. Parents, don’t forget to create yours too!

Check In Regularly

Too often, we veer off course with our new years’ resolutions within our first few months of setting them. The beauty of checking in on your kids’ resolutions regularly is that it forces you to check in with your goals too! Consider checking in monthly at first, then later switching to every other month or so. Again, make it a fun experience for everyone! Cook a delicious dinner, host a game night or watch a movie together, then jump into the check-in after. If this becomes a fun part of the routine, your kids might actually look forward to it!

When you can help your kids actually want to stick with new years’ resolutions, you can set them up to become goal-getters later in life. Don’t forget to celebrate everyone’s progress at the end of the year!

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