As a real estate team leader, it’s crucial that you set your new agents up for success by implementing an effective process for generating leads. Without a proper system in place, you run the risk of your agents going rogue and not utilizing the same service and methods that led to your success.

If you apply the right strategies from the start, your new agents will know how to create a surplus of quality leads and will treat those leads with the same level of care that you would.

Here are some ways you can ensure your new agents will generate real estate leads like pros.

Train Your Team
When you have rookie agents on your team, it can be difficult to get them operating at 100% and producing results. One way to get this going is to provide them with robust real estate training. A well-trained team is an empowered team. When you train everyone from the get-go, you demonstrate your commitment to their professional development and success.

It’s also important that the training program you provide caters to new agents. This will better serve their needs and establish a foundation to jumpstart their careers – from successful lead generation to mastering a listing appointment.

Check-In Regularly
Open the lines of communication and set expectations by meeting with each agent weekly or bi-weekly. Use this as an opportunity to see how they’re doing with their real estate lead generation and answer any questions they may have. If someone is struggling, offer them a few action steps to improve their lead production. By positioning yourself as a guiding resource, your team will have the support to improve and grow.

Provide a Marketing Strategy
Without a strong marketing strategy in place, your agents won’t be able to attract and maintain quality leads. The most effective real estate marketing strategies focus on keeping the agent top of mind with clients. You can do this by implementing a value-add marketing schedule where your agents send informative and useful monthly mailers and emails to everyone in their database. They should also follow these up with handwritten notes and phone calls.

These efforts give your team credibility and build stronger client relationships – which means more sales and more referrals!

Organize Your Leads
It’s vital that you keep track of your team’s lead generation activities with a quality CRM. Buffini & Company’s Referral Maker® CRM for Teams is a great example. This powerful CRM gives you valuable insights into your entire team’s entire performance. You can stay efficient and organized with one-click access to your sales and leads pipeline as well as instant feedback on how those leads are converting. By gaining a solid understanding of your team’s productivity, transaction data and lead progress, you can celebrate their wins while also discovering any areas you can provide support and advice.

Ramp up your team’s lead generation by getting Buffini Certified for Buffini & Company Training. All of our industry-leading training programs come with everything you need to strengthen your team and facilitate a class. Leading your team to succeed has never been easier!

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