Sometimes, the days feel like weeks when the kids are home for the summer — regardless of whether there’s a pandemic! If you’ve run out of ideas to keep your family entertained this summer, check out a few of these fresh activities that let you take advantage of the summer weather and get everyone involved.

Explore a State or National Park — Determine if you live within driving distance of a state or national park or forest, and plan a day trip! Plot out your hikes and activities, and remember to bring lunches, snacks and plenty of water. If you need recommendations for a great hike that fits your family’s needs, check out the AllTrails app before you go. Be sure to check online first to see whether you need reservations to access certain hikes or parts of the park!

Family Picnic — Pick a few cool spots around your town, and narrow it down to one where you’re comfortable setting up shop and lounging for a picnic. Could be a park, a local beach or perhaps another community spot. Let each member of the family decide on an entree or side dish for the meal to bring, and get all hands on deck for food prep. When everything’s ready, pack it up into a basket, throw a couple of blankets in the trunk and head to your picnic location. Bring some games and entertainment too!

Gardening — This outdoor activity offers something for everyone. Let the kids have a say in what they want to plant! Consider an herb garden or maybe some fruits and veggies. Gardening is a great way to give the kids something to do while also teaching responsibility — you’ll also get some delicious produce as a result! For younger kids, consider planting a fairy garden. These fun-to-make miniature plant habitats contain greenery, small figurines and trinkets to make for an eye-catching addition to any garden.

Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt — We put together some tips on how to run an outdoor scavenger hunt on our Buffini Bonus Page. Neighborhood scavenger hunts can be as detailed as you want them to be! Compile a list of items for your kids to find: blue car, red front door, lemon tree, etc. Have small prizes for the winner! You could also consider a community-wide scavenger hunt by creating a Facebook album or NextDoor post for participants to post what they find.

These ideas will keep your kids outdoors and engaged for the rest of the summer months, and let your family create some unique, incredible memories together. Enjoy!

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