There are several ways to run a real estate business, but the top producing agents understand that Working by Referral is the only system that sustains a business well into the future.These three Cs are the pillars of Working by Referral, and you must be able to navigate all three in order to reap the benefits of this system.

With this system, agents invest in relationships and provide quality service to exceed client expectations and increase their likelihood of referrals. Agents get to work with people they actually enjoy and save money that would otherwise go toward purchasing low-quality online leads.

If you pick up a real estate training program that explores the art of Working by Referral, one of the first concepts you’ll learn about is the three Cs of business: contact, care and community.

These three Cs are the pillars of Working by Referral, and you must be able to navigate all three in order to reap the benefits of this system.


In order to stay top of mind with past clients and relationships, you must be making connections with everyone in your database. Keep in touch with relationships regularly by making check-in calls. Make sure you are also sending valuable information to clients regularly by mail or email, whether it’s a piece on how to destress during tax season or what to know about saving for retirement. Resist falling into that trap where you lose touch with a client after a transaction — consistently reach out to folks so that when they have a friend or family member ready to buy or sell, they actually remember your name for that referral!


What can you do to make past and current clients feel special? “Care” is all about figuring out how you can make somebody’s day with a positive note or an unexpected act of kindness. That’s why it pays to send personal handwritten notes to clients or to deliver a small appreciation gift to their doorstep. These tactics demonstrate your care for clients, and that’s something they aren’t going to forget!


Agents who work by referral are always looking for ways to become the “straw that stirs the drink,” so to speak. While it may not be possible to physically bring people together right now, you can still find ways to create community through virtual means. Host digital client appreciation events that connect your clients with one another, like virtual workshops or video conferencing parties. Build a community with your best clients and celebrate them along the way!

If you’re ready to start Working by Referral, learn to master these three Cs for long-lasting success. Not only will you increase your profits, but you’ll have a lot of fun during the process!

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