Today’s negative world often exposes us to an overload of damaging and divisive information, which can lead to a loss of both hope and confidence. It is possible to combat this negativity and get on the path to true success– you just have to renew your mind!

Here’s how you can gain clarity, become more positive and achieve growth in your life today:


Nothing has been more powerful in my journey to success than keeping a journal. When you journal, you have the opportunity to write your goals, reflect on the challenges and setbacks you have encountered and chart the progress you have made. It’s incredibly helpful to read back over a journal and see how far you’ve come – and plan what you still want to achieve. Journaling is a great way to recognize your patterns, gain perspective and get clarity about your life. Once you’re clear, you can take action. If you take action without being clear, you will be in a constant state of anxiety.

Do a Technology Fast

Technology can be great, but it can influence and even exploit your thinking and your frame of reference. It can also be highly addictive! Many people today spend vast amounts of time scrolling mindlessly online – an activity that often creates negative and hopeless feelings. If you are in this destructive cycle, why not consider a technology fast? A fast is a powerful thing to do because it forces you to break a habit – and start a new one. Why not commit to reducing your screen time week on week, or even turn off your phone for periods during the day? 

Monitor What You Consume and Who You Associate With

I always say that your input determines your output. What do you read and listen to? Are you exposing yourself to the good stuff or to a stream of negativity? If you want to grow and best serve your clients, you need to consume quality content that gives you the facts and figures as well as access to the top experts. “The Brian Buffini Show” is a great place to start! In your daily life, make sure that you connect and develop relationships with people who have a growth mindset like you do – it won’t be long before you see the positive impact!

As Zig Ziglar once said, “If you are selective about the things you choose to read, look at or listen to, then you’re taking effective action against negative thinking.” Start taking action and become more positive today! To learn more, listen to the latest episode of “The Brian Buffini Show.”

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