Itching to reorganize your space? That makes sense! Re-arranging your rooms can introduce a new energy that will feel like a breath of fresh air after a year of looking at the same thing.

Whether you’re making room for a new desk or giving your bedroom a fresh look, these apps will make sure any plan goes smoothly.

MagicPlan — Available on iOS and Android, this app recreates your room and furniture to scale, so you’ll know exactly where things need to go.

Home Design 3D — This one is great for heavy duty redesigns. It creates a 3D scale model of your space and lets you easily drag-and-drop features you want to see.

DecorMatters — If you’re adding some new pieces to your home, try this app to see what those desired items will actually look like in your space. For iOS only.

Pantone Studio — For those looking to change up the room’s color scheme, this app helps create color swatches so you know which shades work together — and which don’t. For iOS only.

Photo Measures — Misplaced your measuring tape? Use this app to take a picture of your space and get measurements right away. Then you’ll know if the bed will fit along that back wall before you move it! On both iOS and Android.

Compass App — Want more natural light on your desk during working hours? A compass app is handy for determining where light will hit during the day so you can arrange accordingly. On both iOS and Android.

No matter what room you’re tackling, consider using these apps to help you create and execute any plan without the guess and check. Happy re-arranging!

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