As you begin to tackle your spring cleaning, don’t forget about your office space! Whether you’ve been working from home or back at the office, give your desk a refresh in the same way you would with the rest of your home.

A clean workspace will help you feel more motivated and productive — here are a few tips to start organizing.

Declutter — Chances are you’ve accumulated quite a few miscellaneous office supplies, especially if you transitioned to a work from home lifestyle last year. Go through and toss whatever you don’t need (dried out pens, empty tape roles, etc.).

Identify Your Essentials — It’s all too easy to cover our desks in tech, notebooks, random pens and anything else that crosses its path. This can make a physical desktop feel a bit claustrophobic. Clear some space by asking yourself what you actually need on your desk, then locate storage for everything else.

Get Creative with Storage – Consider investing in a small stack of drawers for under your desk, or a short end table to hold items you won’t use as much. If you’ve got the wall space, try putting up baskets (any hanging mail holders will do) to hold miscellaneous items.

Get Rid of Old Papers — Got unopened mail or old receipts you aren’t sure what to do with? Now is the time to sort them. Shred any documents with sensitive information (like your address or payment info). File whatever you plan to keep into magazine holders or file folders to give them a permanent home that doesn’t clutter your desk.

Sort Your Cords — Look for a larger plug strip that can easily accommodate all your devices, so you can stop unplugging your laptop to charge your phone, and vice versa. Consider cord ties for keeping longer cords neat under your desk.

Update Furniture — If you’ve tidied up the desk but still need more space, consider upgrading your workspace! You may consider a larger desk with built in storage solutions or an L-shaped one that maximizes your at-home corner office space.

A little spring cleaning goes a long way when tidying up the office. Experience more productivity, motivation and creativity when you organize your home office with these steps in mind!

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