The best athletes in the world achieve phenomenal success because they’re really intentional about where they put their energy. I recently spoke to trailblazing former sports agent Molly Fletcher about her innovative new book, “The Energy Clock.” Molly shared how you can adjust your mindset and accomplish more meaningful work with fewer distractions by effectively managing your energy, just like top athletes do. Here’s how:

Audit Your Energy

If you feel exhausted and drained by trying to juggle all of life’s demands, start by color-coding your energy.

  • Green is for things that increase your energy and are really meaningful and impactful for you, such as time spent with your family or doing significant work.
  • Orange is for things you feel pretty neutral about – operational matters in your business, for example. You need to drive efficiencies around these.
  • Red is for things that drain you. You need to eliminate, delegate, create processes for and minimize these.

Color-Code Your Calendar

Once you have color-coded your energy, review and adjust your calendar to ensure that it’s 80 percent green. If you do this, you’ll be able to show up every day as your best self; energized, focused, connected and inspirational to others. Bear in mind that it’s not realistic to be 100 percent in the green – nothing is perfect!

Seek the Important

Making sure you’re really intentional about who and what you give energy to is key. A great way to clarify your priorities is to take five sheets of paper and write down five of the most important things in your life, such as family, faith, health etc. Then take one away. Repeat this until you are down to just one thing. This is what matters the most to you. Ask yourself – do you give that one thing enough of your energy?

You can apply this same principle to the relationships in your business life. Take the time to sort and qualify your database. Don’t just serve the squeaky wheel. Instead, find joy in serving your great relationships. Relationships are fundamental to business success, so you have to invest in the right ones and withhold energy from others.

Get an Accountability Partner

Having an accountability partner to share your audit with creates vulnerability, but it’s a powerful way to ensure someone is supporting you in the shift of course that you’re trying to make. Ideally, hold a monthly check-in with your partner and review your progress and your future plans.

You can’t lead, serve or solve problems if you don’t have enough energy. Concentrate on giving more of yourself to what’s most important and wasting less of your time and resources on what’s not. You won’t get it right all the time but, when you do, you will be on track to becoming your best self.

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