Even if your business has picked up since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, you should still be carving out time for real estate training. Brushing up on your real estate skills is an investment in yourself. Quality agents provide quality service that clients are happy to compensate for in the commission — and after all, it’s the skills that pay the bills!

Now it’s time for you to train your way to the top! Here are the top five skills that every real estate professional should start developing and perfecting right now.

  1. Negotiation — Negotiation is one of the biggest skills clients look for in their real estate professional. Learn the language of making a fair deal, how to keep emotions at bay, what to say when clients who won’t budge and the power of walking away. Practice these skills by constantly brushing up on negotiation dialogues and make sure you understand the theory behind them.
  2. Budget Planning — As a self-employed real estate professional, it’s easy to let the finances get a bit messy. Master strategies that show you how to prioritize your budget and find out how to separate the home and office expenses. Dive into real estate training programs that teach you how to pay yourself first, with strategies to save for retirement and taxes. When your financial house is in order, your business can thrive.
  3. Time Management — Creating your own schedule can prove to be a dangerous game without the proper time management strategies. Seek out guidance on how to time block and what your business priorities should look like. If you manage your time wisely, you will be able to get more out of each day, thus boosting productivity and profits.
  4. Relational Marketing — In real estate, relationships are the key to your success. Learn to target your real estate marketing toward your relationships — this way, you can optimize your real estate lead generation strategy to focus on clients you actually enjoy working with, instead of random people who found you online. The idea is to generate a steady stream of referrals. This takes time and practice, but it’s a skill that will dramatically alter the course of your business for years to come.
  5. Asking For Referrals — This skill goes along with relational marketing. Many agents have clients who would refer them to others, but the agents are simply too afraid to ask! Brush up on referral generating dialogues so you can confidently ask clients if you are the agent to whom they’d refer friends and family. This small skill will quickly generate high quality leads for your business.

For a real estate training program that shows you how to develop these critical skills, check out Buffini & Company The Pathway to Mastery®—Essentials. This training program was designed by agents for agents so you can boost productivity and profits. Sign up today to keep your skills sharp and your business healthy for years to come!

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