If you’ve already mastered baking banana bread and have dialed in your “work-at-home” style, don’t fret. We’ve found even more ideas for you to stay busy (and productive) while you shelter at home.

Although several states are loosening their restrictions, most are still recommending that we limit non-essential trips, maintain our social distance and wear masks to keep doing our part to flatten the curve.

Before you re-scour the internet, take a look at some of our favorite trends.

Tie-dye. Whether you were part of the crew that made tie-dying popular in the 70s or have seen this trend emerge in the last few weeks, this family-friendly DIY activity is fun, simple and an inexpensive way to refresh your wardrobe.

To get started, you need a few supplies, time and patience. There are several guides to make unique patterns and a lot of freedom to create on clothing, pillowcases, placemats. . . anything you want to freshen up in a funky way.

Creative coffee. If you’re working remotely, home schooling and creating your family’s “fun plan,” plus managing the cooking, cleaning and more—it’s time to step up your coffee.

A big quarantine trend has been dalgona coffee, a three-ingredient treat, that originated in South Korea. All you need is instant coffee, sugar, water and the will to vigorously whisk this into a thick foam that you can dollop on top of milk and ice.

PowerPoint parties. When your virtual parties need a refresh, consider this format to inform or entertain your friends. The idea is to invite each attendee to make a short presentation and then to share it with the group.

Not only will this get creative juices flowing, it will give each attendee a turn to talk about things they love and will inspire a focused conversation.

Reimagine your home. Welcome spring with a fresh start and include the whole family in giving your home an upgrade.

Your projects can be as simple as decluttering and cleaning or as inspired as painting and re-arranging furniture. This is our favorite trend and hope you take the time to tackle the renovation you’ve been dreaming of to make your time at-home (now and in the future) more comfortable.