Inspire your children to school-at-home by setting up a designated space that makes them feel energized and focused. The transition from an actual school to virtual learning is a big shift for everyone. We’ve gathered some practical tips to help make your new day-to-day more manageable.

Convert a Corner

If you’re tight on space and want to set a boundary for your child’s learning activities, you can find a low-traffic corner and turn it into a comfortable reading nook.

All you need are some fluffy floor pillows and good lighting to make them feel like they have a special place to do their schoolwork. As an added bonus, this will help to keep iPad’s and books in one spot.

Create a Nook

Kids get distracted. Having a separate area that helps them to get into a different mindset can help them to focus. Turn that little-used closet or empty alcove into a private classroom.

By investing in a small desk or table, shelving, bulletin boards and great lighting you can set the stage for learning. Get your child involved to decorate their new space with a fresh coat of paint or fun rug.

Shift Your Shed

Take advantage of the changing season to clear out the shed. Now that your child’s home room is — at home — it might be time to convert your storage space into a schoolhouse.

When you have multiple children, this is a great option to help them feel like they “went” someplace and that they have their own space. It’s simple to line up desks and have one wall-mounted shelf with ample storage for each student.

Chances are, you and your spouse are also working at-home and the obvious areas that had defined your lounging, living and eating are blurred to accommodate video conferences and phone calls. By creating designated spaces for your at-home learners everyone can be more productive.

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