Real estate agents that have a surplus of leads quickly realize that they need help. Although it can be scary to grow a team with a hiring strategy and training protocol that assures you will recruit and retain winners, it is the best way to increase your earnings, have a healthier work/life balance and build a legacy business.

Real estate teams are the most profitable opportunity to hit the real estate industry in recent years. According to the National Association of REALTORS® Team Survey, 26% are members of a real estate team and 30% are considering joining a real estate team. Whether you are already leading a team or are ready to, here are some proven tools and systems that can help you to succeed!

Professional Coaching — To be the type of leader your team wants to follow; you need to understand and refine your leadership style to extract the very best from each team member. In addition, you will need a business blueprint with short- and long-term goals that includes clear steps and built-in accountability to reach them. 

Business Models and Compensation Plans – Whether you have a large or small team, there are proven business models that have worked to structure a team and several compensation plans that keep will keep a team motivated. How do you know if you have the right ones?

When your team is handling your surplus of leads with exceptional customer service and you are making more money and working less, it’s an indication that you are on track.

Recruiting and Retention – Many industries are experiencing a shortage of workers and it’s important to build your team with like-minded, motivated people. It may take more time; however, you can learn to recruit your dream team with the right training program.

Once you’ve found them, how can you keep them?  By creating a positive work environment that empowers each person to leverage their strengths they will be proud to contribute to the team’s success.

Lead Management and Customer Service — You have earned a surplus of leads because your clients trust you and then refer you to their friends and family. It’s important to train your team to treat each client with the level of service that you want to keep your reputation gold.

One way to do this is to have your team use a reliable customer relationship management tool (CRM) that offers you transparency into each of their relationships, gives you one-touch pipeline reports and lets you assign leads and action steps on-the-go.

 Marketing and Lead Generation – When you lead a team, you are the rainmaker and need to keep bringing in a steady stream of high-quality leads. By having a monthly marketing calendar with high-quality and relevant marketing mailers and eReports, your brand will be the go-to real estate resource in your market and earn referral business.

Networking with Team Leaders— In today’s virtual world, there is quick access to like-minded people. Whether you are joining virtual masterminds, attending an industry conference or engaging in an online community, it is powerful to connect and synergize with other leaders. One caveat is to be sure the host organization is credible and experienced — which is simple to do with some quick, online research.

Becoming an impactful leader is a lifelong process and you will likely experience several challenges along the way. The sooner you get started developing and refining your skills, the more opportunities you will have to become better, build and motivate your team and have fun along the way.

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