Updating your real estate CRM can sometimes feel like folding laundry.

The clothes are clean, but you just don’t have the time to fold them up and put them away. So there they sit on the “clothes chair,” wrinkled and waiting to be sorted. You know that life would be easier if put them away, but you can also just keep pulling them from the chair.

Agents who use a real estate CRM seem to face a similar problem.

They got the software with the best intentions — to stay organized, track lead generation and ultimately make more money. However, inputting your data takes time, and if you’ve already got transactions in the queue, updating your CRM is the first plate to drop.

In the moment, this may feel like the most reasonable move, but neglecting your CRM can actually create more work for you in the long run. Agents may fall behind on lead generation and lose track of how they’re doing with their goals. The business will start to feel more and more disorganized, and soon, it’ll be tough to get anything done.

Avoid this chaos by making time for your real estate CRM! Here are a few strategies to help make it a priority:

  • Log calls as you go. Keep your CRM open at all times. When calling a relationship, log the communication immediately, instead of rushing to the next thing. This way, it becomes a habit, and you’ll find yourself more automatically tracking these activities.
  • Use the mobile app. Being away from your computer is no excuse for neglecting your CRM! Your real estate CRM mobile app should be your become your go-to for tracking lead generation activities on the move. For example, Referral Maker® CRM allows agents to log Pop-Bys with a tap of the screen while out and about, so they won’t forget to track them later.
  • Schedule weekly catch-up time. Take one to two hours each Friday to check in with your CRM. Log on and ensure that all your lead generation activities and transactions are in the system. If you couldn’t log activities in real time that week, use that session to update.
  • If your workload is simply too much to think about checking in with your CRM, train an assistant to input data for you. There’s nothing wrong with delegating this task, as long as you’re able to clearly communicate with that person on what they should enter.
  • Get to know the program. Working in your CRM gets much less time consuming when you understand how it works. Buffini & Company ensures clients get the most out of Referral Maker CRM by offering walkthroughs and posting tips, tricks and tutorials in the “Help Video Library.” Take the time to get to know your CRM for an easier user experience!

A real estate CRM is an amazing tool — you just need to make sure you use it! Just like folding laundry, updating your CRM can feel daunting at times, however, it always pays off in the end.

Looking for the right real estate CRM for your business? Check out Referral Maker CRM from Buffini & Company for a user-friendly productivity tool that’s helped tens of thousands of agents boost profits and lead generation. Sign up for a free trial of Referral Maker CRM today!

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