For real estate agents who Work by Referral, lead generation all boils down investing in relationships. There are a few activities agents can do to constantly nurture relationships and bring in referrals. One of the simplest yet most effective tactics is what we at Buffini & Company call the real estate Pop-By.

What is a Real Estate Pop-By?

A real estate Pop-By is a small client appreciation gift meant to thank relationships in your database for their business. Typically, agents attach a small tag to the object to remind the client they are never too busy for their referrals. They then briefly “pop by” the client’s home to deliver the item or leave it on the doorstep if no one’s home.

Benefits of a Pop-By

A Pop-By has many benefits for an agent Working by Referral:

  • Leaves the client feeling valued.
  • Demonstrates your high level of care for the client and their relationships.
  • Keeps the agent top of mind for future referrals or real estate needs.
  • Reminds the client to send you any referrals!

Real Estate Pop-By Ideas

These items shouldn’t be expensive or extravagant — just a little something useful (or tasty). Here are some ideas to get you started for each season.

  • Summer — sunscreen, grilling kit, pool toys.
  • Fall — leaf bags, school supplies, freshly-picked apples.
  • Winter — hot chocolate, windshield wiper fluid, hand-warmers.
  • Spring — flower seeds, gardening tools, cleaning supplies.
  • Any season — reusable shopping bags, coffee/tea, candy.

There are some cases where you may want to level up your gift. Reserve these for your top-referring clients (your A+ people). Send a kind thank you note and appreciation gift after each referral they give!

How to Get Started

Beginning your real estate Pop-By strategy is simple! Follow these steps:

  • Plan one small gift item for each month.
  • Create or download a corresponding tag. (P.S. The Buffini & Company Referral Maker® PRO marketing kit includes access to an entire library of Pop-By tags!)
  • Package up the item and attach a tag and your business card.
  • Identify which clients you’d like to visit. Referral Maker® CRM can do this for you!
  • Schedule an hour or two to deliver these Pop-Bys to your favorite clients.
  • Follow up with a text, call or note.

Buffini & Company can help you master the Pop-By and the entire Working by Referral system. Learn more about our real estate systems, coaching and training and start your journey today!

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